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Children and Literacy programs supported by

Read To Me Foundation

Retired US Ambassador Melissa F. Wells

Canary Islands

Hi Donna!

I must tell you that those wonderful children's books in English and Spanish that you sent me in the Canary Islands were a tremendous hit. I have a favorite 8 year old boy in the village where I live named Kilian. He is studying English but he speaks Spanish and the books are a big help and much fun. Thank you so much for sending them.

Warmest Regards

Melissa F. Wells



The Nevada State Society consists of 15 DAR chapters located around our great state. With some 750 members statewide, the DAR in Nevada actively supports our contributing over 35 thousand volunteer hours each year. Our committee work involves various activities which support the National DAR mission: historic preservation, patriotism, and education.

Thank you to DAR member Mary Ann Unger (Published Author) for taking Read To Me Foundation books to the Nevada Daughters reading program.

They are a very special organization that supports literacy for our children. Read to Me Foundation is honored to help support DAR

Henry George Mackintosh Foundation


The HGM Foundation has donated to Read To Me Foundation on a yearly basis making it possible to continue our fight for literacy for our children. Their generous donation allows us to continue to give "FREE" bilingual children (new hardcover) books to charities, HeadStart programs and organizations supporting bilingual literacy for our children

*Special Thank You for our 9th year of support from the Henry George Mackintosh Foundation. It is especially appreciated and special due to the tremendous financial burden on us as a small charity foundation during the COVID-19 disaster that has affected most Americans and the world.

40 years helping foundations preserve and distribute assets. The mission of the Foundation is to donate to qualified public charities that promote the advancement of education and health, and that expand and preserve knowledge.



Special Thank You To Cindy Doumani, Las Vegas Philanthropist and Humanitarian for her generous support to Read To Me Foundation literacy for children. Cindy is a huge supporter of animal and children charities.

Cindy and Dondino/founder Read To Me Foundation



Las Vegas, Nevada

(L to R: Persia Golden, Randy Soard and Susan Houston at Great Gatsby fundraiser)

Special Thank you to Susan Houston, friend and supporter of Read To Me Foundation's fight for our children's literacy!



A special thank you to Amy, AMY'S QUILTS, for her generous personal donation to Read To Me Foundation. We appreciate Amy contributing to literacy through United Way and re-directing her donation to target Read To Me Foundation.

Thank You HR Screening Services for your support and donation for literacy!

After working together for several years in the Human Resources department of a large Drug Store chain, Mike Fitzgerald and Keith Larmann came to realize that many of the vendors in the Human Resources services field were not performing at a satisfactory level.

Mike and Keith decided to create a better Human Resources services company that would specifically meet the needs of busy Human Resources professionals. In 1993, they founded HR Screening Services.

Since 1993, HR Screening Services has had two main goals:

  1. Provide top notch customer service and focus for each level of the tax credit process in order to secure and maximize every employment credit and incentive available to our clients. This would turn HR Departments into profit centers.
  2. Provide first rate pre-employment background checks in a timely manner in accordance with all applicable employment laws and regulations. This would save HR departments’ time and money by keeping problem employees out of their company.

Since 1993, the dreams have become a reality as we have secured tens of millions of dollars in tax credits and incentives for our clients and have conducted hundreds of thousands of quality pre-employment background checks.

Today, HR Screening Services works closely with large and small companies from every industry in all 50 states and we’re just getting started!


The Marine Corps League Auxiliary was chartered on September 4, 1937 as a subsidiary organization of the Marine Corps League. On August 25, 1950, the Auxiliary was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia as an affiliate of the Marine Corps League. The Auxiliary was formed for the purposes of promoting the interests of the U. S. Marine Corps, the Marine Corps League and to protect and advance the welfare of Marines and their dependents. Auxiliary members participate in a wide variety of programs that benefit and preserve the fundamental rights and freedoms of every person of this Nation, young and old.

Your involvement is vital to the success of each one of our Units, Departments, Divisions and our Organization. It takes each and every one of us pulling together to get the important work done of serving our Veterans, our families, and our communities.Without you, the member, there is no Units of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary. There are 3 things each one of you are encouraged to do: 1. Attend monthly meetings; 2. Recruit New Members & renew current Members; 3. Volunteer

Our Purpose


(A) To Preserve the traditions and promote the interests of the United States Marine Corps;

(B) To maintain true allegiance to American institutions;


(C) To hold sacred the history and memory of the men and women who have given their lives to this Nation;

(D) To perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps and by fitting acts, to observe the anniversaries of historical occasions of particular interest to Marines;


(E) To create a bond of comradeship between the Auxiliary and the Marine Corps League, Inc.;

(F) To aid voluntarily and to render assistance to all Marines and former Marines as well as to their families;

(G) To help decorate the graves of all deceased Marines whenever and wherever possible;


(H) To strive for the passage of legislation favorable to the Marine Corps League, Inc. and to the United States Marine Corps and its personnel;

(I) To always foster love of Honesty, Loyalty and Truth, and a reverence to our God, Our Country, Our Family and Our Home.

Our Activities

  • VA Hospital Volunteers
  • Homes
  • Child Welfare and Youth Programs
  • Civic Affairs
  • Assistance to the Elderly
  • Aiding Veterans' Families
  • Community Support
  • Local Community Parades
  • Toys for Tots
  • Operation Little Angel
  • And more


Another Fun Fundraiser at Wine Styles

(West Des Moines, IA)

With the support of Foundation Secretary/Treasurer, Kathy Smith and Marine Corps League Auxiliary, Barbara Nobile, Chairman of "The Little Angel Project", funds were raised to begin the fundraising campaign to support literacy for Head Start programs in four states; Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska.

The Little Angel Project will begin with the placement of 1,000 Read To Me Foundation bilingual children books to be distributed to the Head Start Programs in all four states once the full donation campaign funds have been raised.

The Marine Corps League Auxiliary have joined Read To Me Foundation to raise project donations and distribute bilingual (English-Spanish) children books to the designated Head Start programs in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska, who are in desperate need of bilingual books for the children to take home and continue learning to read and speak English.

It is the goal of the Marine League Corps Auxiliary and Read To Me Foundation to continue raising funds on a yearly program to enable the distribution of additional custom bilingual books in the name of the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE AUXILIARY "Little Angel Project" to be donated annually to targeted Head Start Programs chosen by the Marine Corps League Auxiliary.

This is a big campaign for both Read To Me Foundation and Marine Corps League Auxiliary, but with the help of an annual pledge letter campaign and literacy supporters and friends of both Read To Me Foundation and the Marine Corps League Auxiliary, we can meet our goal of 1,000 books per year campaign to support the Head Start programs in the US.

It was a great fundraising event and Read To Me Foundation is proud to be chosen to support and participate with the Marine Corps League Auxiliary. They do incredible work for our heroes and our country.

Help us donate books to the chosen Head Start Schools they have selected to join the fight for Literacy by donating today to "The Literacy Angel" fund to support the Marine Corps League Auxiliary "Little Angel Project"!!



Dr. Tom Waters, Sandy Beirle, Linda Fitzgibbons/Direct Even Start Family Literacy and Pre K recipient for Read To Me Foundation bilingual books, Assemblyman James Oscarson, and Rotary member Sharon Cahlan

Rotary is 1.2 million neighbors, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

Their distinct point of view and approach gives a unique advantage:

  • They see differently: Their multidisciplinary perspective helps us see challenges in unique ways.
  • They think differently: They apply leadership and expertise to social issues—and find unique solutions.
  • They act responsibly: Their passion and perseverance create lasting change.
  • They make a difference at home and around the world: Their members can be found in your community and across the globe.

Read To Me Foundation speaker guest (L to R), Sandy Beirle, Krista Donnelly, Lou Markouzis, with Cecilia Thomas/President Pahrump Valley Rotary International.


email: [email protected]

P O Box 883, Pahrump NV 89041

President: Cecilia Thomas

The Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley was established March 26, 1985 by business and community leaders wo wanted to serve their community.

The Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley is dedicated to humanitarian efforts in their community, as well as with the Rotary International Foundation. At present the club has 34 members, 25 friends of Rotary, and 6 Honorary members.

Read To Me Foundation was invited to be the guest speaker at the monthly Pahrump Rotary International meeting in Pahrump, Nevada.

A special Read To Me Foundation team was created to speak at Pahrump Valley Rotary, consisting of:

Dr. Jeff Geihs Clark County School District Turn Around School Coordinators and Dean team: Krista Donnelly/Coordinator and Lou Markouzis/Campus Dean. Elementary Retired Educator, Sandy Beirle, and Sharon Cahlan/Pahrump Rotary member, contributed their support and speaking talents to the monthly Rotary meeting featuring Read To Me Foundation.

Linda Fitzgibbons, Director of Even Start Family Literacy and Pre K classes for Nye County was the Read To Me Foundation recipient for 100 new bilingual books for her Pre K ELL (English Language Learner) classes. The on going work by Linda Fitzgibbons and her teachers is never ending to prepare our non English speaking children for the world ahead.

Sandy Beirle prepared a musical exercise plan for the Rotary audience to experience what a Head Start or under-served child would learn through books that are coordinated with a teachers fun teaching plan to bring the book and teaching exercise to a fun learning activity.

Krista Donnelly, Clark County School District Turnaround School Coordinator speaking on behalf of Read To Me Foundation to the Pahrump Rotary International

Sandy Beirle demonstrating how to teach and encourage children word association through bilingual books

Krista Donnelly, Dr. Tom Waters/Town of Pahrump Board Member and Rotary member, Lou Markouzis

Lou Markouzis, Assemblyman James Oscarson, and Krista Donnelly

Krista Donnelly, Scotty/Ms. Senior Nye County, Lou Markouzis








(Houston, Texas)

Mission: The Henry George Mackintosh Foundation was established in honor of Henry and Frances Mackintosh to further their belief in the value of education.

The mission of the Foundation is to donate to qualified public charities that promote the advancement of education and health, and that expand and preserve knowledge.

Henry George Mackintosh Foundation's donation has made it possible to donate children books to National Guard military children "Yellow Ribbon Program. Read To Me Foundation is currently seeking donations to fulfill a 30,000 book request for the military children of deployed family members of the US National Guard.

Thank You Henry George Mackintosh Foundation for helping us to honor our US military children.

Blank Children’s Hospital History

Blank Children's Hospital has the distinction of being the only civilian hospital built during World War II. At that time, Iowa had the highest rate of polio among children of any state, but was one of only a few states that did not have a children's hospital to care for them. The A.H. and Anna Blank family built the original hospital in 1944, in honor of their son Raymond who died at a young age, to address the healthcare needs of Iowa's ill and injured children - and that legacy has continued for more than 65 years. 

Alissa McKinney/Director of Development Blank Childrens Hospital, Dondino President Read To Me Foundation donates 260 Christmas children books for the children at Blank Childrens Hospital during the holiday season

Ronald McDonald

Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for children and their families.

(books donated to Houston, Texas Ronald McDonald House )

(L to R: Dondino, President Read To Me Foundation and Lynn Bohn/Family Services and Volunteer Program Director/Ronald McDonald House of Central Iowa)

Board Member Georgia Breish presents the Spanish Teacher, Perla Dougherty at Galloway School in Friendswood, Texas a new bilingual (English-Spanish) children book "Don't Get My Honey...HONEY for her Spanish classes



Operation New View Community Action Program-Dubuque, Iowa

Hawkeye Area Community Action Program-

Hiawatha, Iowa

Thank You to Tom Stovall, Executive Director Operation New View, Ms. Peggy Hanniford, Director Operation New View and Christi Regan, Director Hawkeye Area Community Action Program in Hiawatha, Iowa

And a big thank you to the teachers, parents and children who participated in the Read To Me Foundation book distribution made possible from the Dubuque Racing Association, Mystique Casino and Diamond Jo Casino.

It was a fun day with the kids! They were definitely excited.

Here is a wonderful conversation over heard from one child to another child as they were looking at their new books and backpacks.

"How long do we get to keep our books?" Answer: "FOREVER", said a small little boy to the girl's question.

"How about the backpacks?" Answer: "FOREVER", was his second reply and then both children put THEIR books in THEIR backpack s and put them on with such pride

Tom Stovall and Peggy Hanniford should be very proud of the children they support through the Head Start Program of Dubuque. The community should also be proud of Tom Stovall, Peggy Hanniford, teachers and staff of Operation New View Community Action Program for the incredible work they do for the families and children of their Head Start Program. It is amazing and Read To Me Foundation is proud to be a small part of their work!

(L to R:) Mitch Finn/HACAP Deputy Director, Christi Regan/HACAP Head Start Director/Libby Underwood/CACFP Centers Manager, show off sample of books presented to HACAP by Dondino, President of Read To Me Foundation to Hawkeye Area Community Action Program. 1,000 books were delivered by Read To Me Foundation at HACAP office/warehouse in Hiawatha, Iowa.

Read To Me Foundation book donation was made possible through the Dubuque Racing Association Grant Program/Mystique Casino/Diamond Jo Casino.

If you want to see what HACAP does for their community, it is worth a visit to their office/warehouse in Hiawatha to see, and be amazed at the massive food program, Head Start program, Homeless assistance program, and community support programs that this organization does on a daily basis. It was truly amazing and humbling to get to meet and support such a fine organization with a never ending mission.

Dondino presents Governor Terry Branstad a personal copy of Don't Get My Honey...HONEY made possible by the Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) in Dubuque, Iowa. Mystique Casino and Diamond Jo are both contributors to the DRA grant fund each year.

(L to R: Dondino, Josh Wilson/Public Liaison for Gov. Branstad/Governor Terry Branstad/Iowa)

Thank You to Governor Branstad for his beautiful words of support to the children in the Don't Get My Honey...HONEY literacy book project for the children of the Dubuque and Hiawatha community.

Special Thank You for all of Josh Wilson's assistance to Read To Me Foundation literacy book project "Don't Get My Honey..HONEY'.

Kathy Smith, Read To Me Foundation Treasurer, has implemented a wonderful Literacy Angel Program with the Iowa United States Marine Corps. A big thank you to the Marines for adopting Read To Me Foundation as their charity to support!

Kiwanis-Des Moines

Read To Me Foundation board member Becky Gruening donated Read To Me Foundation books for the Kiwanis Miracle Mile Silent Action

The Kiwanis have a long standing relationship with Greenwood Elementary School in Des Moines. Twenty years ago, when the Des Moines Public School developed its “Partners in Business” program, the Des Moines Kiwanis was the only non-business group to develop a relationship with a school. The Club started a K Kids Club to foster community service as early as fourth grade, provide individual tutoring, and assisted the school in various reading programs.

Read To Me Foundation board member Becky Gruening donated bilingual Read To Me Foundation books to Greenwood Elementary children Kiwanis reading club . In addition, Becky donated her reading skills to the children monthly as a part of the Kiwanis reading program.

The Galloway School

Friendswood, Texas

The Galloway School, the vision of Mr. James H. Galloway, opened its doors in 1993 to 19 students in the Clear Lake area. Mr. Galloway was an employee of Humble Oil and Refining and Exxon for 43 years. He served as Senior Vice President, as a member of the Board of Directors, and on the Management Committee. Since opening its doors 17 years ago, enrollment has increased to almost 250 students.

Board Member Georgia Breish presents Read To Me Foundation's bilingual (English-Spanish) books to Perla Dougherty, Spanish Teacher at The Galloway School in Friendswood, Texas.

Perla expressed not only the need for bilingual books, but the difficulty in finding bilingual (English-Spanish) books targeted for the younger children.


Read To Me Foundation President Dondino delivers bilingual (English-Spanish) children books to Central Place in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. (L to R: Angela/Central Place, Dondino/Read To Me Foundation and Cathy Beck-Cross/Director Central Place)

Central Place Family Resource & Community Education Center is "charged with being responsive to the issues of the community." Their mission is to provide diverse, confidential and financially affordable family support services to al persons in the Southeast Polk district, in pursuit of safer, healthier and self-sufficient individuals in society.

A few areas of family services include, but not limited to:

  • Kindergarten readiness program for children who are three and four years old. We visit their homes once each month and provide the children with extra pre-math and pre-literacy enrichment activities so they are fully prepared for kindergarten. We anticipate having approximately 40 children in our caseload for the monthly visits.
  • Children's clinic - we have a free children's clinic on-site at our family resource center, and as a part of each visit we provide children with a new book. I would estimate we see approximately 60 children ages birth to 8 each year.
  • Community outreach - we visit underserved parts of the district to make sure the families are aware of the programs we offer. We conduct approximately two of these visits each school year, and there would likely be around 20 children age birth to 8 each time.
  • We also have a district-sponsored preschool program. This year, 256 children are enrolled in that program


Founder Dondino Melchiorre, KCCI CBS TV 8 Morning Anchor Marcus McIntosh, RTMF Board Member Becky Gruening presenting Marcus with 500 bilingual books for his "Read With Me" literacy program

Dear Dondino and Read To Me Foundation Board Members:

Thank you to the Read To Me Foundation for the honor of the 

“Open Book” award. The 500 bilingual books you have donated for my "Read With Me" literacy program will be a special keepsake for each child that receives their very own book. The beautiful books will help to make reading a fun part of their daily lives. Thank you for joining me in the support for literacy and for your generous donation.

Warmest Regards

Marcus McIntosh



133rd Army National Guard Christmas Party

Despite the icy, snowy and cold winter weather in Dubuque, Iowa, Read To Me Foundation attended the Christmas party for the families and children of the 133rd Army National Guard deployed soldiers. Over 100 beautiful Christmas books "Is Santa Claus Color Blind?" were distributed to each attending child by Santa. It was a fun event and the children really enjoyed the games, food and of course, the presents they received from the supporting community and the American Legion. Dubuque has such a giving heart making it rewarding to be a part of the community events! Thank You to the 133rd unit event organizers for their hard work to make the Christmas Party event a special day for the families and children of 133rd Army National Guard Unit.

Children of the 133rd Army National Guard Unit enjoying their Christmas Party filled with games, food and presents



(L to R: Lincoln Elementary School Principal Dr. Donna Loewen, Guidance Counselor Jim Luksetich)

Washington Middle School held a one day fundraising event created by student Courtney Dazaboff, entitled "Bubble Gum Day" to raise money for bilingual books to be given to Lincoln Elementary School, Audabon, Prescott and Fulton Elementary school, in an effort to join Read To Me Foundation's mission for Literacy among our children.

Multicultural Family Center of Dubuque

"Building Unity Out of Diversity"

The Multicultural Family Center empowers all families and community members of Dubuque to reach their potential and build unity out of diversity.

(Tera Velez, Multicultural Family Center Director, and the children of St. Marks Community Center)

Thank You

(L to R: Read To Foundation Board Member Becky Gruening and Mystique Casino Assistant General Manager Brian Southwood)

Thank You to Joey Anderson, Director of Community Relations, Brian Southwood VP, Mystique Casino of Dubuque and Mystique Casino for their generous donation funds to present the Multicultural Family Center of Dubuque with 100(new) children Christmas books. Read To Me Foundation and Multicultural Family Center would like to thank Mystique Casino for their continous support of the Dubuque and Tri-States community, and for joining Read To Me Foundation in their fight for Literacy.


Read To Me Foundation was proud to donate books to Renee Krier at the Romper Stompers Child Care Center

Romper Stomper Childcare Center is more than a daycare, it is a learning center. They help develop the young minds of Dubuque, Iowa. Romper Stomper has several activities that are not only fun but educational as well. They have child care services for:* Daycare* Summer programs* Before/after school programsEnsure that each child is safe while the parents are at work. Their programs include activities and sometimes meals.

Crossroads Counseling Center

Read To Me Foundation Chapter of Dubuque donated 150 books to the Crossroads Counseling Center for distribution to the numerous children they help daily. The Crossroads Counseling Center honored Read To Me Foundation with a special donation to help Read To Me Foundation Chapter of Dubuque continue their literacy efforts for the Dubuque community.

Special thank you to Lynne Lutze, PHD and Jon Filitti, LMHC of the Crossroads Counseling Center for their tremendous support for literacy through Read To Me Foundation.

The counselors at Crossroads Counseling Center are dedicated to serving the mental health needs of the Dubuque community. Each counselor is highly trained and is dedicated to establishing effective therapeutic relationships with individuals and families.

Meet the dedicated counselors of Crossroads Counseling Center:

Crossroads Counseling Center's mission is to join with each person in building a therapeutic relationship and discover solutions through strength based approaches.

Crossroads Counseling Center provides mental health services to all age groups and provide therapies that are well researched and considered to be best practice for each mental health issue. These therapies include, but are not limited to, Theraplay, play therapy, EMDR, Neurofeedback treatment, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. We facilitate therapy in numerous environments such as out patient, in home and school settings.

(L to R: Lynne Lutze/Crossroads)

(L to R: Yvette Salugling, and Jon Filitti)



Des Moines, Iowa

(L to R: Read To Me Foundation Treasurer/Secretary Kathy Smith, Ms. Lee Basquin Smith, Teacher Casady School and Dondno Melchiorre, Founder/President Read To Me Foundation, presenting Ms. Lee Smith with bilingual books for her 2010 class)

The Head Start Program was established in 1965, to provide preschool children of low income families a comprehensive, family-centered, child development program to meet their educational, emotional, social, health, nutritional and psychological needs.

Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive child development programs which serve children from birth to age five and their families. The programs are child-focused and have the overall goal of increasing the school readiness of young children in low-income families.

Casady School, located at 1801 16 Street, Des Moines, Iowa is a Head Start Program school, serving many low income families.

Read To Me Foundation Treasurer Kathy Smith and Founder/President Dondino Melchiorre, presented Casady School Pre-K teacher Lee Basquin Smith with bilingual (English/Spanish) books for her 2010 class. The books were a part of the Read To Me Foundation “Literacy Angel” dedication certificate program where a dedication certificate is bought by an individual and/or corporation to be placed inside a book and dedicated to a deserving child. Ms. Smith’s class was selected by the Smith family at a recent Gospel Brunch Concert as recipients of the Read To Me Foundation Literacy Angel book program. Read To Me Foundation made a pledge to Ms. Smith and the Casady School for an additional 250 books for the other Casady Pre-K classes.

It is gratifying to give books to children who have such a desire to read and great excitement to finally have their very own book personalized by a Literacy Angel in support of their futures through literacy. Thank you Casady School and Ms. Smith for letting us share our literacy program books with your kids!

Founder Dondino Melchiorre and Ronald McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri

Debbie Adams


RMHC of Greater Houston/Galveston

*Read To Me Foundation is proud to have the opportunity to donate bilingual children books to the Houston and Galveston Ronald McDonald House Charity, UTMB Maternal/Child clinics and Care Mobile.

If you are not familiar with the incredible work this organization does for thousands of children and their families, please take time to read about their organization.


I had meant to take a picture of the books before they left my office, but I was so excited to get them to the kids, I completely forgot.

Luckily, Kathy has taken some great shots!

Debbie Adams


RMHC of Greater Houston/Galveston

Hi Debbie,

I was at the Pasadena Clinic this morning and got some pictures. I think you’ll enjoy the pictures; the kids are really cute and especially enjoyed the story about the child in the wheel chair. It was especially nice that the book had both English and Spanish phrases as some of the children were Spanish speaking only.

Kathy Moss

Management Resources Specialist

Regional Maternal & Child Health Program

The University of Texas Medical Branch



The History and Drive Behind Houston's Ronald McDonald House

Dr. Donald Fernbach picked up the baton for a Ronald McDonald House in Houston in 1978. Assembling a local group of McDonalds' franchise executives, concerned parents of pediatric patients and supporting members of Houston's medical community, Dr. Fernbach started the ball rolling. All of them shared a desire to build a safe haven within the Texas Medical Center for families of young, gravely ill patients. After a visit with Dr. Ed Baum on the National Advisory Committee for McDonald's and a trip to see the Chicago Ronald McDonald House. Dr. Fernbach and his group understood what kind of facility and services families of young patients needed most and how much help they'd need to make Houston's Ronald McDonald House a reality.

Enter Bud Adams and the Houston Oilers. Like the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears before them, the Houston's NFL publicity machine kicked itself into gear to help raise awareness for the worthy cause. With the Oiler's support and visibility, fund raising began in earnest. A property within the Texas Medical Center was secured, the building designed and construction started. Before the end of 1981 the original 21-bedroom Ronald McDonald House in Houston rose at 1550 La Concha Lane. Many services and materials were donated by local businesses and enterprises, despite the fact that the primary beneficiaries of RMH Houston would be visitors in need who were not from the Houston area.

Houston's Ronald McDonald House joins more than 260 Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide in providing families with a comforting place to call home during their most trying times, when their child needs medical care they can't access at home.

In 1982, the Junior League of Galveston County, Inc. under the leadership of B.J. Herz, began to study the feasibility of providing housing for the immediate families of the children hospitalized in Galveston. After more than four years of work and research, Help Us Give Support, Inc. (HUGS of Galveston), a non-profit corporation was established to direct the building and management of the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston. The Capital Campaign began in the fall of 1986 and was successfully completed thanks to support from many individuals, businesses, corporations and foundations. The generosity of the Sealy and Smith foundation enabled construction to begin in the Spring of 1988. The Grand Opening was held in May 1989 and families have occupied the House since June 1989. The high occupancy rate experienced by our House is proof positive of the continuing need for our facility. In 1997 the name Help Us Give Support, Inc. was legally changed to The Ronald McDonald House of Galveston. Our local House is independently owned and operated. However, we operate as a Ronald McDonald House under a license agreement signed with The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oakbrook, Illinois. Our Executive Director with the guidance from the Board of directors manages the operation of all aspects of the organization with the capable support of a small, professional staff and many dedicated volunteers. The 20 bedroom House is located at 401 14 Street in Galveston, Texas. ( )

Ronald McDonald House

Omaha, NE

A sick child should never be alone. The Omaha Ronald McDonald House keeps families together during a most difficult time. We provide a temporary home for families that bring their sick children to our community for medical care in one of our hospitals or institutions.

We have served more than 1,300 families from 43 states and six countries during the past 15 years. Approximately 40 percentof those families are from Nebraska, another 20 percent are from Iowa.

The Ronald McDonald House can serve up to 20 families at one time. Each family has a private room, which includes a bathroom. The house includes a large kitchen, several television rooms, a laundry room, a computer room, a linen closet and a playground.

Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha helps families. The organization provides for families that bring their sick children to our community for medical care, provides dental care to kids who might otherwise go without and supports organizations that focus on improving children’s lives.

The Foundation of Our Organization

· The Ronald McDonald House , situated at 620 S. 38th Avenue in Omaha.

· The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile , which provides dental care to kids in our greater community.

· The RMHC Omaha Grants Program, which provides financial support to area organizations that support children.


The House That Love Built

Des Moines, Iowa

1441 Pleasant St

Des Moines, IA 50314


To enrich the quality of life for children and families under treatment at area hospitals

What is the Ronald McDonald House?

It is a...“home away from home”

A place for families to stay whose children are being treated at area hospitals.

How the Ronald McDonald House can benefit you:

Place to sleep, prepare meals, do your laundry, read, relax, play and watch TV.

Admissions Policy

· Families with a child age 21 or younger being treated in an area hospital.

· Families must be referred to the House by a hospital social worker,

case manager or nurse before checking in.

The Ronald McDonald House of Central Iowa was so gracious to give Read To Me Foundation President/Founder Dondino Melchiorre, RTMF Board of Director Becky Gruening and Co-Founder Donna Gummelt, a personal tour of their wonderful house. Below are a few of the pictures from our fun tour of Des Moines RMH,as well as the donation of children bilingual books to RMH by the Read To Me Foundation.

(L to R) Denise Miller/Ronald McDonald House Operation Supervisor, Read To Me Foundation President/Founder Dondino Melchiorre, and Read To Me Foundation Board of Director Becky Gruening, showing the books donated to RMH in Des Moines.

Dondino and Becky saying goodbye to Ronald McDonald


Newton, Iowa


We look forward to working with you. These books will help offenders connect with their children.


Larry Libscomb

Read To Me Foundation delivered beautiful children bilingual illustrated picture books to the Newton Correctional Facility as a new prison book program for RTMF and Newton Correctional Facility.. It is the desire of RTMF to help support children and their incarcerated parent/parents by sharing quality reading time through fun children books, during their visits at the Newton Correctional Facility. Newton Correctional Facility is a low and medium security correctional institution. It is located near the Jasper County community of Newton, Iowa. Newton is about 30 miles east of Des Moines, Iowa. Currently the institution has 350 staff members and about 1,050 inmates.The facility houses the Correctional Release Center - a low security unit that prepares inmates in the Iowa correctional system for parole or discharge. The center trains inmates about to be released in release preparation, challenging criminal thinking, and substance abuse treatment. The center's programs place emphasis on the need for such inmates on the need to accept responsibility for their actions. The substance abuse program not only prepares inmates for release, but it also provides treatment for parolees and work release people who have developed substance abuse issues. The facility offers adult basic education, GED services, and special education.Inmates are assigned both in and outside work. The outside work can be community service based work in state agencies, or private sector employment.

Secretary Treasurer Kathy Smith awarded the Fairmeadows Elementary School in West Des Moines, Iowa with Read To Me Foundation books "My Sunshine Friend" and "The Cookie Story"

Ms. Cindy Smith, ESL teacher's aid and now with Hillside Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa, as the 3-5Grade ESL Teacher. She is sharing the Read To Me Foundation books with her students at Hillside Elementary (and daughter)


One of the first teachers was Mr. W.F. Howe of Clive. In 1917 the school was lighted with new oil lamps attached to wall brackets. The enrollment now had jumped to 112 students, and 2 teachers were necessary. One of the teachers, Mr. B.B. Howell, was receiving a salary of $55.00 a month plus $5.00 for stoking the furnace.Then came 1930 and the organization of the Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A). Mrs. G.B. Coon was the first president. At the first meeting, the PTA joined hands with the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, all working for one cause – the welfare of children.During the second term of the PTA the group planned to follow the Seven Objectives of Education. Heath was one of the objectives and volunteer member of the PTA took the children to City Hall for vaccinations and inoculations. This was repeated for several years.Around 1932 the first hot lunch program in Iowa was inaugurated in our school an experimental basis. A Mother’s Club, which was a group within the PTA, was formed as a volunteer group to prepare and serve the lunches. This was done on a two burner stove. The mothers met at school and canned fruits and vegetables donated by members of the community. This continued until 1951 when the School Board agreed by sponsor the hot lunch program.A “Carnival” has been an annual event at Clive School. The original one was held on Halloween for the purpose of entertaining the children and keeping them off the streets.In August, 1953 we moved to our present location, less than a mile away from the original school of 1912.

Dondino, Read To Me Foundation Founder/President,saying goodbye to the children at "The Galloway School" , Mrs. Breish's class in Friendswood, Texas. Read To Me Foundation created an experimental PREK4 bulletin board project utilizing the classroom children. After one year, the boards were completed and won the schools "Certificate of Excellence Award".

Dondino, Founder/President of Read To Me Foundation and Gwen Bartholomew, Founder of Grandma's Angels, represented RTMF at the Grandma's Angels Summer Swim Party for Grandmothers raising their Grandchildren. The Granny Angels charity organization has been instrumental in helping Grandmothers across America seek legal custody and assistance with their grandchildren. Read To Me Foundation was privileged to be a part of this year's event and donated over 100 books to the children attending the event, hosted by Gwen Bartholomew at her Spring, Texas home.

(L to R) Manuel,reporter; Hannawalt, Principal; Juan Varela, Illustrator &Translator for Read To Me Foundation. Dondino Melchiorre, Founder of READ TO ME FOUNDATION.

Hannawalt Elementary School child, (Des Moines, Iowa), receiving her own

READ TO ME FOUNDATION donated books to Hannawalt Elementary School during their annual "Iowa Author" week.

A Hannawalt student and Dondino singing one of Read To Foundation

WMHT Educational Telecommunications, located in New York State's Capital Region (Troy, NY), is the only full-service public broadcaster serving Eastern New York and Western New England. WMHT operates public television stations.

READ TO ME FOUNDATION is proud to be a part of WMHT PBS on air auctions by donating new children books to help raise money for the wonderful WMHT PBS children program


Des Moines, Iowa

Read To Me Foundation recently donated bilingual children books to the Primary Health Care, Inc in Des Moines, Iowa. If you are not familiar with the Primary Health Care organization, please take the time to read the following information and learn about the tremendous health support they give to the community of Iowa.

Who Is Primary Health Care, Inc.

We are a nonprofit community health center dedicated to serving the medically insured, uninsured and underinsured with their health care needs. We strive to find and successfully treat medical conditions before they become serious enough to require hospitalization or emergency treatment. We also provide follow-up, continuity of care, pharmacy assistance, and supportive services to help patients in need. Through case management and social work advocacy, we work to assure that our clients have greater access to resources in the community.

What is their Mission

Primary Health Care, Inc. is a team of caring professionals providing health care and supportive services for people in Central Iowa to improve their quality of life.

Coming Soon: Outreach Project & Community Access Pharmacy Relocation

Outreach Project and Community Access Pharmacy will be relocating to 1200 University.

The Outreach Project’s new space will include approximately 8,200 square feet and will be renovated to include space for 9 exam rooms, 2 mental health rooms and the necessary lab, support and waiting spaces for our clinic patients. This space also includes 3 intake rooms, a food/clothing pantry, and office space for our Advocacy and Family Services programs.

The Community Access Pharmacy’s new space will include approximately 3,000 square feet and will include windows for patient prescription drop-offs and pick-ups. Attached to the pharmacy waiting room will be a conference room that staff will use to counsel patients on their medications, and provide chronic disease management and smoking cessation education. In addition to the move, Community Access Pharmacy will also be changing its name to Primary Health Care Pharmacy.  



Read To Me Foundation was honored meet the Principles of the FBC Math & Science Academy, Ms. Karen Towers, Mrs. Doris McNear and Pastor James McNear, located at 1535 5th Ave, Des Moines, Iowa. Read To Me donated 50 children books to the Academy for their opening of the private school.

FBC Math & Science Academy Mission:

The overall mission and purpose of the Florence Beatrice Math and Science Academy (F.B.C.) is, to provide educational, moral, and social training in the inner-city. The overall desired effect then is to , help students realize their potential by providing them with the skills to become self sufficient as well as productive members of society.

(L to R: Dondino, President Read To Me Foundation

and Ms. Karen Towers, Director FBC Math and Science Academy)

he Florence Beatrice Campbell Academy will feature an intensive emphasis on Math and Science, supplemented by a comprehensive extension curriculum. The FBC is dedicated to providing a safe place for students to thrive educationally, as well as emotionally and spiritually, via strong character development focus by our educational staff.

The Florence Beatrice Campbell Academy (F.B.C.) core curriculum will feature intensive foci anchored in math and science. In addition to the essential aforementioned disciplines a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning will further enhance two fold post- secondary preparation, whether the student desires to pursue a college degree, or immediately enter the workforce after high school.

The F.B.C. students and their families will have the availability to experience extension programs and resource support that will encompass the following areas: mental health, physical health, financial counseling and property ownership.